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CE Marking Function and Product Scope

The CE certification protocols requested by the European Union from commercial enterprises that require sales permits for their commercial products are related to whether the product to be sold meets the minimum acceptable level in terms of safety and compliance criteria.It will not harm human health and nature, It is not possible to obtain permission for sale in the EU member countries by taking advantage of the right to free movement of the product without CE certificate indicating that it is compatible with other products and systems in use. Covering products identified by the European Standardization Committee,The CE certification approval process, which is required to meet the different requirements according to the area of ​​use and qualifications of the product, is an examination process related to the product completely applied; not with the legal personality of the firm.

The safety of use of commercial products and the products already in use in the EU Member States; CE marking protocols, which is a concept related to products, systems and equipment, can be considered as CE certificate or certificate in our country and this standardization process can be thought to be related to companies. The CE mark, which does not have a certificate of approval to be used on all the products that the company carries out after its own production or export, is given product specific and therefore, a wide range of tests are applied to the product applied in the approval process. In order to receive CE certificate, It also provides professional solutions to all commercial enterprises for the realization of scientific tests carried out in laboratory environment including LVD and EMC tests which are required according to the qualifications and usage areas of the products.

CE certificate which is applied to sell products produced by companies to EU member countries is actually included in adaptation process of our country,For this reason, it is an international standardization that concerns firms that appeal to the domestic market, which may lead to the preference of the company even in private and public tenders. For this reason, all producers in our country are interested in developing products that comply with these international standards,It is recommended to use the institutional level consultancy and test services that we offer from the first stage instead of risking by determining the strategy according to the application result after the production.CE certification processes, legislation on applications, Our laboratory tests, you can contact us at any time and any other issues you are interested in.

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CE Certificate Approval Process and Cost

CE marking, which indicates that the product will not harm human health and nature in case it is used in accordance with its production purpose, also shows that it will work in harmony with other products, equipment and devices used in the same environment. As the precondition for the sale by the European Union, it is demanded to meet the standards defined by the CE marking and the European Union harmonization process is continuing These standards, which are defined by CE certificate, are closely related to manufacturing companies in our country. Although it is considered that the companies doing research about what is required to obtain CE certificate are only enterprises that aim to export to the European Union, it is preferred that the products have CE marking even in private or public tenders in our country.

The product that is intended to be placed on the market in vital issues such as human health and nature-friendly use, failure to meet the CE marking standard, which sets the qualitatively acceptable minimum level of safety and compliance; it means that the product is not safe for use and therefore is not allowed to be sold. Instead of developing strategies according to the results of the applications to be made after production in the calculations related to the cost of obtaining CE certificate from the design stage of the companies,It would be best to produce their plans from the outset to meet the requirements. The cost of obtaining the CE certificate in case of exhibiting the attitude according to the result of the application and if the expected approval is not obtained, The costs of the product’s will be much higher, as it requires planning from scratch, from design to production.

In addition to prevention of time loss, our company provides consultancy services in order to get rid of high costs caused by starting the production process from zero. In addition to providing guidance on what is required to obtain CE certification and legislation, it also conducts laboratory tests to determine the characteristics of products such as LVD and EMC. Our expert team will inform you about all processes from the first stage of the application,It allows you to have information about the progress of the approval process by sharing the results of the scientific tests in the laboratory and the results of the required tests simultaneously with you.