Ce Certification

CE Certificate Which Companies Are Required For?

By implementing their own standardization polycikas, it eliminates the differences in the requirements of the legislation concerning production in the countries which are involved in the union, and in this way The European Union, which provide the adoption of compliance standards, wants to ensure the same standards for imported products imported from the outside. CE certificate, which is known as CE certificate in our country, represents the production safety and compliance standardization, This means that the product with CE certificate can be used safely and all necessary tests are applied. BTherefore, the provision of these conditions is CE marked, It is important for all companies that produce in our country and want to sell their products to the European Union.

CE certificate standards eliminating the differences in the production safety concept from countries’ own production legislation,indexed all the standard differences applied by countries according to the bylaws to a single criterion. With this indexing, no matter what country you are in, When the consumer buys an equivalent product, it can be sure that the product has passed the same test standards for compatibility and use safety.

Since the products which are produced in countries that do not meet their own standards and which do not have the technical specifications in the legislation determined by the European Union are prevented from entering the union, It is not possible to offer covered products that do not have CE marking in EU countries.Even if any company in our country has acquired these permits, they may have to pass the CE certificate tests to the relevant product at any time after the start of the sale.Re-testing of the product which is being sold at the request of the importer company in the union and If the test results do not meet the required standards, the sale of the company’s product is stopped. You can consult our experienced team in order to bring your production standards to the norms accepted by the European Union and to maintain this standardization so that you do not experience such problems.


CE Certificate

CE Certificate Important for Who?

CE certificate, which is generally recognized as the European Union’s safety standards, which is important for those who produce or export to EU member states. in fact, it is important for all domestic producers, considering that our country is on the way to European Union membership.  The companies that make production in our country which is the party of internationally binding agreements have indexed the production process to these European Union norms,It will ensure that the resources to be allocated for compliance in the following process will be used more effectively in today’s conditions and the cost will be kept to a minimum. Furthermore, it is not possible for domestic producers who wish to open their production to the European Union market, before they meet the CE certification standards, to sell their products in EU member countries.

Standardization of the CE certificate, which specifies the conditions for production safety and compliance, Indicates the lowest permissible level of sale for the European Union. Failure to meet the requirements of this minimum shall result in the use of the product not being allowed to be sold as a result of risk. So, instead of hoping to get approval for the right to CE marking after starting production, From the first step, from the design of the new product, it is necessary to give the production conditions the qualities that will meet the requirements of these standards.

In this way, the production of the company is already requested to give the sale permit by the European Union, the minimum level will meet the application process is guaranteed to be a positive result. In other words, all domestic producers who want to start to export to the European Union in a short time in line with the expectations and not to have any surprise results, It would be the most wise decision for the management of the CE certification process to apply to the professional of Aegean Test Center. Our company has advanced infrastructure for LVD and EMC tests, As well as your CE applications with its accredited laboratories, it also provides consultancy and guidance services to meet the requested standards.

High Voltage

How to make a Low Voltage Test?

The purpose of the LVD test, also known as the low-voltage test, is to test the quality and durability of the insulating material on the electrical equipment that prevents the parts under tension under normal conditions from contacting the operator. At this point, the voltage applied for the test is approximately between AC 50 Hz and 1000-5000V voltage values. The LVD test, which is one of the criteria for obtaining CE certificate, is essential for both device safety and operator or user safety.

The devices or products that have not undergone LVD test will not get CE certificate, and will not be preferred by users even if they do not have CE mark. The LVD test, which has a critical value for equipment used especially for industry, is important in terms of both human health and environmental health and it is also essential for preventing the material damage that may occur in industrial enterprises.

Within the scope of the LVD Test, the device or equipment is tested for isolation; high voltage, physical strength, leakage current, ground line continuity, tests are carried out with respect to combustion properties by ip powder and water test. These tests ensure that the device will not harm the operators or that this damage is minimized. LVD test unapplied devices, such as not received CE Certificate, does not have the CE mark is not electrical or electronic components market in the European Union and Turkey. LVD test with Low Voltage Directive, must be carried out in professional testing laboratories. The process of applying for the CE Certificate, which is important in the process of making LVD Test incorrect or incomplete, may cause the process to be repeated and may delay the introduction or sale of the product.For this reason, it is important that companies that want to obtain LVD Test for CE marking should choose reliable and qualified test centers.

egetest makine

How is EMI Test done?

EMI do, electromagnetic interference tests, radio frequency wave operating devices, malicious broadcasts, operating frequency and output power controls.If it is determined that the device does not cause any electromagnetic interference in such an environment, The device is successful in the EMI Test.
if the device is causing any electromagnetic interference, CE certification cannot be given to the device under test as it may disrupt the operation of other devices.

The devices covered by the Radio Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive must meet the EMI Test requirements in order to obtain CE certification.In the scope of the directive, all radio and telecommunication equipment, such as mobile phones, satellite receivers, fixed and direct phones, ADSL modem and other data modems, base stations, radio and TV transmitters, must meet the EMI Test requirements. Telecommunication devices that do not meet the EMI Test requirements may disrupt other devices or disrupt their operation.Likewise, these devices can also be damaged by interference due to this electromagnetic interference.Therefore, a telecommunication device must meet the requirements of the EMI test in order to obtain a CE certificate.

EMI test is carried out by the engineers in laboratory environment by considering different conditions. Whether or not the device causes electromagnetic interference is controlled by the Radio Telecommunication Terminal Equipment Directive with different variations.If the device does not cause any interference, it is approved for the CE certificate. Since the device or products must have CE marking in order to be circulated in the European Union free market, it is mandatory to apply EMI Test to the telecommunication products.

After being tested in EMI test laboratories, being careful during the report and document phase is also very important for getting CE certificate. It is therefore necessary to be careful when choosing test laboratories.

EMC Test

EMC Test Laboratories

EMC Test, which controls the electromagnetic compatibility of the devices and is required for the electronic devices to obtain CE certification, is a test that must be performed by qualified engineers in qualified laboratories. An electrical or electronic device must be subject to EMC testing to be available for sale in the free market. However, in case of incorrect or incomplete applications in EMC testing stages,prevents the device from receiving CE certification. For this reason, the EMC test equipment must be tested in the qualified laboratories and by specialist engineers.Faults or incorrect applications in the test phase may restart the device’s CE Certificate, resulting in market losses and financial losses.

EMC test, electronic or electrical components, working in harmony with other devices and not damaging the devices in the environment and that it ensures that the electromagnetic compatibility meets the requirement of electromagnetic compatibility to continue to work without being affected by these devices.If a device receives a negative report from the EMC Test, this means that the device may interfere with other electrical or electromagnetic devices or may affect operating standards. Since more than one electrical or electronic device is widely used in both industrial and domestic applications, It is essential that electrical or electronic devices have this condition. In addition to user benefits,EMC Test, which is one of the conditions required to obtain a CE certification of a device, is an important test phase for the safety and availability of the device.

EMC Tests, This is a test which must be applied by the engineers who are experts in this field in the correct laboratory conditions.If the EMC Test is improper or incomplete, or if the documentation is not sent correctly,Since the CE certificate will have a negative impact on the process, It is necessary to pay attention to the criteria to be safe and qualified for the organization to be tested.

How to Use CE Marking

In the European Union market, the CE Certificate, which is a requirement for a product to enter free circulation, is hit by the manufacturer or importer company.The CE Certificate certifies that the product is approved on the product of EU Directives and Compliance Procedures. CE must be at least 5 mm in size. CE certificate must be 5 mm and above unless special dimensions are permitted.

The CE marking can be printed on the product and can also be printed on the label or plate on the product. In this case, it is important that the label and plate on which the CE mark is located are protected on the product.However, the CE marking must be clearly visible and indelible, legible and selectable. After the product passes through all necessary stages, the CE mark that was hit during the control phase cannot be press on the product in previous processes.

Can products with CE marking contain a risk?

CE brand, In the case of full EU Directives and Procedures of Eligibility CE certificate the products is even if pressed, in some cases it may occur that the product presents a danger in various uses.In case of a functional change in products bearing CE Certificate,As the CE marking process should be repeated, undetected risk factors may occur without a functional change in the product. In this case, the member countries first remove the product from the market and prevent the product from being placed on the market. It also halts the use and free trade of the product. However, the European Union commission is notified and the product is penalized.In case of a risk or danger of products bearing CE Certificate,The CE certificate in the product is deleted and the equipment or working forms that constitute the risk of the product must be rearranged. In line with the decision of the EU Commission, the product can be erased and re-certified or removed completely from the market.


Ce Belgesi Sureci

CE Certificate Acquisition Process

The companies that want to get CE Certificate should prepare technical files about the product they want to do first. The technical file that forms the basis of the CE Certificate tender process is required for all products that fall into the risky or risk-free category.

Companies that want to use CE marking must keep the technical file they prepared for the product throughout production. If a functional change is made to the product, the technical file must be refreshed. However, under all other conditions, the technical file must be stored for CE mark validity.

What information should be included in the technical file?

The technical file should contain the basic and technical information about the product to which the CE marking is to be received, as well as the information about the company. The information that should be included in the technical file is as follows:

  • Basic information about the company
  • Label or plate bearing the technical data of the product
  • What the product is used for
  • List of national and international standards used in the production of the product
  • Reports of these tests if you have the test made for the product
  • CE Declaration of Conformity
  • If the manufacturers of the electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic components of the product have been tested and approved by their code numbers and specifications and a competent body,certification about this,
  • Current operating instructions for the product
  • If the product’s supply list and supply products are covered by CE, certificates and test reports of these products
  • Detailed descriptions of how the product is installed, how it works and how the product is maintained.

The missing or defective information in the technical dossier will delay the process of obtaining the CE certificate, For this reason, companies must be careful when preparing technical files. It may also be necessary to pass tests such as LVC, EMI and EMC according to the category of the products to which CE certificate is requested. In this case, the technical file should include other tests and reports that should be used in electrical, electronic and telecommunication equipment.



How is the EMC Test performed?

The EMC test is a test of the electromagnetic compatibility of a device. EMC test, which must be done in accordance with the criteria determined by the test institutes or laboratories, have two options military standards and civilian standards Military standards are tests applied to products identified by the US and used for military purposes. Civil standards document the suitability of electrical or electronic devices used in daily life. These standards are national or international standards determined by home, industry or heavy industry usage.

The conformity of the EMC test indicates that an electronic or electrical device is working in harmony with other devices. Products that disrupt the devices or their operation by affecting the operation or structure of other electrical or electronic devices due to electromagnetic field cannot obtain EMC compliance. The EMC test checks whether the devices are self-adaptive, electromagnetic interference with other devices, and whether they are immune to interference from other devices.

EMC test for electrical and electronic equipment, it is extremely important to market a product. If a product violates any electromagnetic compatibility requirement, the sale of that product is not permitted. EMI and EMC Standards are used to determine the electromagnetic quality of products. Standards which have two important elements as test limit values ​​and test methods include emission and immunity criteria for military devices. For EMI – EMC Standards, the product must comply with the required guidelines and undergo tests. In order to ensure that these tests are carried out correctly and to document the suitability of the product, the testing and laboratory environment must be qualified.The unqualified or inadequate environment of the tests will prevent the product from being tested correctly and cause problems in obtaining CE certificate.


CE Certificate Giving Businesses

Companies that wish to obtain a CE Certificate must apply to the competent and qualified institutions in this regard. Following the application to obtain a CE certificate, the progressive process should be managed very carefully and the company seeking to obtain a document should be directed correctly.Therefore, companies seeking to obtain CE certification should be experts in this field and successfully manage both the process and the conditions that the firm must provide. Btherefore, it is important that companies that want to obtain CE marking should choose companies that have successful and good references.

Processes For Get CE Certificate

Companies wishing to obtain CE marking should apply to the Certification and CE Certificate organizations.The CE certification bodies determine the scope of the product and its regulations before implementing the application process.Once the product’s regulations have been determined, the standards of the product are determined in accordance with the current regulations.After this stage, it is decided which module to do the certification.In the next process, it is determine which tests are necessary for the product, technical drawings of the product and user manual are examined and necessary actions are taken for creating technical files. After all the processes are completed correctly and completely, the audit reporting and CE certification phase is started. The lack of documentation or reporting in any part of these processes may lead to a prolongation of the process and may bring about various problems. If the device does not have the conditions for obtaining the CE Certificate, it may be necessary to repeat the application process. Therefore, companies wishing to obtain CE certification should apply to organizations that are experts in this field and who closely follow all processes.

Note that it may not be sufficient for the device to comply with CE directives for CE marking. It is important to note that in the application process, it is very important that the reporting and the necessary documents are fully communicated. Even if a document that appears to be trivial is missing or the document is not properly edited, it may cause the application to be invalid.

Why CE Certificate is Necessary?

The CE Certificate is a sign that is essential for the products to be included in the European Union market. A product bearing the CE certificate; It provides a guarantee for human health and safety, energy saving, environmental protection, life and property safety. It is documented that a product carrying CE certificate does not harm human health and environment and can be used safely.

The CE Marking covers devices that can be used in different business areas such as machines, toys, low-voltage electrical appliances, simple pressure vessels, gas-burning appliances and equipment, building materials, radio telecommunication equipment. In order to be able to market and market these products in the EU market, CE Certificate must be carried. Devices that do not have CE marking cannot be sold in European Union countries.

CE Certificate Which Products Are Important?

For vehicles with electrical or electronic components, the fact that they carry the CE Certificate means that these products can be used safely. It will not only harm the health and safety of human beings, it will be documented with this sign that the product will not directly harm the other living things and the environment. In order for a device to receive CE marking, it is necessary to undergo a lot of tests in the laboratory.If the product fails in one or more of these tests, manufacturers must reconfigure the product. The CE Mark is not eligible to carry unless the product has passed all tests.

Important Of CE Certificate

CE Certificate is important for the marketing of devices with electronic products or electronics, which should be considered by consumers. Selling of products without the CE mark in the European Union and Turkey are prohibited. Conscious consumers tend to prefer not to use electrical devices that do not carry CE certificate in order to protect both human health and the environment.