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EGETEST CENTER LED CE Certificate of Lighting Fixtures

It completes its marking works in a quality way with a competent test laboratory.

LED/The lighting fixtures must comply with the Low Voltage Directive and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulation.

LED/Lighting Fixtures, CE Certificate/ In terms of electrical safety as the basis of the sign; According to the Low Voltage Directive  EN 60598-1 and EN 60598-2-XX LVD test and reporting must be performed depending on the party standard product specifications.

Second party standards;

EN 60598 standard LED/ It is the standard series used in certification process of lighting fixtures. It is used with a second party standard. This second party standard is determined by the intended use of the luminaire.(For example EN 60598-2-5: projectors) Generally the EN 60598 Standard series is as follows:

  • TS EN 60598-1 Lighting Fixtures – Bölüm 1: General rules and tests
  • TS 8698 EN 60598-2-1 Lighting Fixtures – Bölüm 2: Special rules – Part one: General purpose, fixed
  • TS EN 60598-2-2 Lighting Fixtures- Bölüm 2: Part 2: Fitted luminaires
  • TS 8700 EN 60598-2-3  Lighting Fixtures – Part 2-3: Specific features – For road and street lighting
  • TS 8701 EN 60598-2-4 Lighting Fixtures-Part 2: Special rules – Part 4: General purpose, portable
  • TS EN 60598-2-5 Lighting Fixtures – Part 2: Special rules – Part 5: Projectors.


This standard specifies the general specifications for LED / Lighting fixtures operating with supply voltages up to 1000V, combined with electrical light sources.

Another issue to be considered is the Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulation.under this regulation

TS EN 55015 Limit values ​​and measurement methods of radio distortion characteristics of electrical lighting and similar devices,

TS EN 61547 Devices used for general lighting purposes – Emu Immunity Rules

It must comply with its standards. The Low Voltage Directive for Lighting Products alone is not sufficient, but they must also comply with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive.

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