CE Certificate Which Companies Are Required

 CE certificate in our country

By implementing their own standardization polycikas, it eliminates the differences in the requirements of the legislation concerning production in the countries which are involved in the union, and in this way The European Union, which provide the adoption of compliance standards, wants to ensure the same standards for imported products imported from the outside. CE certificate, which is known as CE certificate in our country, represents the production safety and compliance standardization, This means that the product with CE certificate can be used safely and all necessary tests are applied. BTherefore, the provision of these conditions is CE marked, It is important for all companies that produce in our country and want to sell their products to the European Union.

When the consumer buys an equivalent product

CE certificate standards eliminating the differences in the production safety concept from countries’ own production legislation,indexed all the standard differences applied by countries according to the bylaws to a single criterion. With this indexing, no matter what country you are in, When the consumer buys an equivalent product, it can be sure that the product has passed the same test standards for compatibility and use safety.

Even if any company in our country has acquired these permits

Since the products which are produced in countries that do not meet their own standards and which do not have the technical specifications in the legislation determined by the European Union are prevented from entering the union, It is not possible to offer covered products that do not have CE marking in EU countries.Even if any company in our country has acquired these permits, they may have to pass the CE certificate tests to the relevant product at any time after the start of the sale.Re-testing of the product which is being sold at the request of the importer company in the union and If the test results do not meet the required standards, the sale of the company’s product is stopped. You can consult our experienced team in order to bring your production standards to the norms accepted by the European Union and to maintain this standardization so that you do not experience such problems.

CE Certificate for your product

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