Detectus RSE Series

Visual Noise  Detection

The patented EMC scanner measures emissions from PCBs, components, cables and products. 

It has features such as the XYZ robot, a spectrum analyzer with near-field probe and communication with a standard PC or spectrum analyzer with special software and GPIB card. During measurement, the near-field probe is carried by the robot to a grid of measurement points on the test object. The position of the probe and the value of the emission intensity at each measurement point are stored in the computer. After measurement, the results can be documented in different types of reports.

Purpose comparative measurements

EMC Scanner is one of the most useful features of the system, allowing you to make really objective comparative measurements.

Below you can see an example of comparative measurements. Six measurements show the same test object and the same frequency. The difference is the value of the dissociation capacitor of an IC.


The MultiScan measurement allows you to create area graphics from any frequency within the measured broadband range. This powerful feature is a great improvement and gives a tremendous amount of information. When the right of the screen is viewed to the right of the screen, the main part of the screen shows the area graph of the frequency selected in the upper left chart.

The upper left chart shows the accumulated trace (maximum retention spectrum of all measurement points).

The upper right chart shows the broadband spectrum from a user selectable point on the area graph.

Import 3D surface models

You can now import 3D surface models in STL file format and create the following measurement points from a fixed distance. The 3D surface models can easily be aligned to the measurement using the 3-point alignment feature.

High Resolution Heat Screening

The scanner system also includes a Heat Scanner feature.

The scanner is a high-resolution measurement system for anyone who wants to accurately and accurately measure temperature. Measurements are presented graphically as two- or three-dimensional images.

Ege Test Center and Detectus

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