Railway EMC Testing

EN 50121 Railway EMC Test

The information we will describe in this article will help you to understand the implementation of the EN 50121-X Railway standards, which can be carried out by the expert teams of Ege Test Center.

EN 50121-X series

This standard series is one of the main tools that can be used to address the Essential Requirements of the EMC Directive (2014/30 / EU) and the EN 50121-x tests can be of great importance to eliminate the hazards that may occur in the railway.

EN 50121-X Applications

Chapter 1: Defines the EMC Method to be Applied by defining the railway environment and looking at the relationship between the inventory and the infrastructure; It may require EN 50238.

Chapter 2: The interface between the railway system and the outside world. We define the results and emission limits and appropriate measurement techniques in this interface.

Section 3: Is divided into sub-sections.

  • It covers 3-1 trains, emission limits and measurement techniques are defined at this stage
  • 3-2 covers train-driven devices. Emission limits, immunity levels and measurement methods are indicated. This standard also defines immunity criteria that are generally more stringent than generic standards.

Section 4: Includes signal and telecommunications equipment. Emission limits, immunity levels and measurement methods are indicated. Chapter 4 is also the part where other devices that do not fit the other parts are tested.

Part 5: Includes constant power supply apparatus and installations, eg traction sub-stations.

How can we help?

We are able to implement the EN50121-X Series railway standards together with the expert teams of Ege Test Center.

  • Our expert laboratory teams can help with all aspects of rail EMC compliance,
  • Our testing laboratories can test your product for compliance with applicable standards, including on-site testing.

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