High Voltage Laboratories

High Voltage Laboratories

What is High Voltage Lab?

Used in the high-voltage laboratory commercial and training facilities of the Ege Test Center and GlobalEMC for the research and development of new products or for scientific research, high-voltage laboratories are used to test equipment under high voltage conditions and to examine high-voltage events.

Equipment that may be exposed to high voltages or currents to simulate real-world conditions of lightning strikes or overvoltages is tested in the High Voltage Laboratory. Partial discharge measurements can also be used for lightning protection, insulation testing and performance.


  • Galvanized steel shield is used on all walls, floors and ceilings.
  • The room is electrically isolated from the main building.
  • The internal crane can optionally be attached to the product.
  • It is designed in the sizes you want according to your needs.

How can I get detailed information?

You can get detailed information by going to https://en.egetestcenter.com/applyonline/ and filling in the form for stages such as purchase and room setup.