In the scope of CE Marking of electrical devices used in households and similar places, testing and reporting under the 2014/35 / AB Low Voltage-LVD Regulation and 2014/35 / EU Electromagnetic Compatibility-EMC Regulation is a mandatory requirement.
Home Appliances (EN 60335 Standard Series)

EN 60335-1 EN 60335-2-XXX series must be applied to the products in accordance with LVD Regulation for electrical appliances used in EN 60335-1 Household and similar areas – Part 1: General rules Standard. This standard; This standard specifies the safety rules of electrical devices used for domestic and similar purposes, operating at rated voltage not exceeding 480 V in one phase and not exceeding 480 V in others. This standard is intended to be used by random persons in shops, shops and workshops, small industrial workplaces and in farms in rural areas, which are not intended for domestic use but may be a source of danger to the community.

Electrical devices used in household and similar places within the scope of the EMC Regulation EN 55014-1
Specifications for electrical appliances and similar devices used in households and similar areas – Part 1:
According to the Standard of Propagation For the devices according to the Immunity Rules Standard must be tested and repor