How is the EMC Test performed?

How EMC Test performed

The EMC test is a test of the electromagnetic compatibility of a device. EMC test, which must be done in accordance with the criteria determined by the test institutes or laboratories, have two options military standards and civilian standards Military standards are tests applied to products identified by the US and used for military purposes. Civil standards document the suitability of electrical or electronic devices used in daily life. These standards are national or international standards determined by home, industry or heavy industry usage.

The conformity of the EMC Test indicates that an electronic or electrical device is working in harmony with other devices. Products that disrupt the devices or their operation by affecting the operation or structure of other electrical or electronic devices due to electromagnetic field cannot obtain EMC compliance. The EMC test checks whether the devices are self-adaptive, electromagnetic interference with other devices, and whether they are immune to interference from other devices.

EMC test for electrical and electronic equipment, it is extremely important to market a product. If a product violates any electromagnetic compatibility requirement, the sale of that product is not permitted. EMI and EMC Standards are used to determine the electromagnetic quality of products. Standards which have two important elements as test limit values ​​and test methods include emission and immunity criteria for military devices. For EMI – EMC Standards, the product must comply with the required guidelines and undergo tests. In order to ensure that these tests are carried out correctly and to document the suitability of the product, the testing and laboratory environment must be qualified.The unqualified or inadequate environment of the tests will prevent the product from being tested correctly and cause problems in obtaining CE certificate.