How to make a Low Voltage Test?

What is Low Voltage Directive Testing

The purpose of the LVD test, also known as the low-voltage test, is to test the quality and durability of the insulating material on the electrical equipment that prevents the parts under tension under normal conditions from contacting the operator. At this point, the voltage applied for the test is approximately between AC 50 Hz and 1000-5000V voltage values. The LVD test, which is one of the criteria for obtaining CE certificate, is essential for both device safety and operator or user safety.

The devices or products that have not undergone LVD test will not get CE certificate, and will not be preferred by users even if they do not have CE mark. The LVD test, which has a critical value for equipment used especially for industry, is important in terms of both human health and environmental health and it is also essential for preventing the material damage that may occur in industrial enterprises.

Within the scope of the LVD Test, the device or equipment is tested for isolation; high voltage, physical strength, leakage current, ground line continuity, tests are carried out with respect to combustion properties by ip powder and water test. These tests ensure that the device will not harm the operators or that this damage is minimized. LVD test unapplied devices, such as not received CE Certificate, does not have the CE mark is not electrical or electronic components market in the European Union and Turkey. LVD test with Low Voltage Directive, must be carried out in professional testing laboratories. The process of applying for the CE Certificate, which is important in the process of making LVD Test incorrect or incomplete, may cause the process to be repeated and may delay the introduction or sale of the product.For this reason, it is important that companies that want to obtain LVD Test for CE marking should choose reliable and qualified test centers.

Communication for LVD Testing

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