How to Use CE Marking

In the European Union market, the CE Certificate, which is a requirement for a product to enter free circulation, is hit by the manufacturer or importer company.The CE Certificate certifies that the product is approved on the product of EU Directives and Compliance Procedures. CE must be at least 5 mm in size. CE certificate must be 5 mm and above unless special dimensions are permitted.

The CE marking can be printed on the product and can also be printed on the label or plate on the product. In this case, it is important that the label and plate on which the CE mark is located are protected on the product.However, the CE marking must be clearly visible and indelible, legible and selectable. After the product passes through all necessary stages, the CE mark that was hit during the control phase cannot be press on the product in previous processes.

Can products with CE marking contain a risk?

CE brand, In the case of full EU Directives and Procedures of Eligibility CE certificate the products is even if pressed, in some cases it may occur that the product presents a danger in various uses.In case of a functional change in products bearing CE Certificate,As the CE marking process should be repeated, undetected risk factors may occur without a functional change in the product. In this case, the member countries first remove the product from the market and prevent the product from being placed on the market. It also halts the use and free trade of the product. However, the European Union commission is notified and the product is penalized.In case of a risk or danger of products bearing CE Certificate,The CE certificate in the product is deleted and the equipment or working forms that constitute the risk of the product must be rearranged. In line with the decision of the EU Commission, the product can be erased and re-certified or removed completely from the market.