(LVD) The Low Voltage Directive 2006/95 / EC was the oldest regulation on the market prior to adoption. 
This regulation was adopted on 26 December 2005 and 
came into force in approximately 20 days on 16 January 2007. At the same time, the former LVD Regulation 73/23 / EEC was abolished.

With the date of 29 March 2014, the Low Voltage Directive has been reshaped and 
published in the Official Journal of the EU under the number L 96. There is a transition period until 20 April 2016, and 2014/35 / EU will be effective as of that date .


The products in the market before April 2016 will be evaluated according to the former 2006/95 / EC LVD Regulation, 
and the products that enter the market after April 2016 will be evaluated according to the new 2014/35 / EU LVD Regulation . The new LVD regulation / directive
presents manufacturers and economic actors with a number of changes in European markets compared to the past.



  • The new LVD Directive safety scope has been expanded to include pets.
  • The technical file will contain the risk analysis and valuation of the product.
  • By adding market surveillance procedures, market supervision will become stronger.
  • The notified body requirement will be completely abolished along with the new 2014/35 / EU LVD Regulation .
  • Chemical, mechanical, noise, vibration and ergonomic risks will be considered within the scope of the new 2014/35 / EU LVD Regulation .
  • The technical documentation of the CE marking and the publication of the EC Declaration of Conformity will be the sole responsibility of the manufacturer.
  • New 2014/35 / EU LVD Regulation CE technical documentation is required to store for 10 years after the product is placed on the market.
  • Products, type, batch and serial number will be required to bear.
  • If the new 2014/35 / EU LVD Regulation does not contain harmonized standards for the product, appropriate local standards or IEC standards may be used.

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