RF EMI Shielded rooms

The principle of the RF / EMI Shielded Faraday Cage is to disconnect the emitted electromagnetic waves
(magnetic, radio, microwave) from the room to the outside. The typical frequency of the room is 10 kHz
with 18 GHz range, but can range from 1KHz to 18 GHz if required. The protected room can be adapted
to the tempest and NEMP requirements on request. Faraday Cage can be installed from a small table top
unit to the size of the aircraft hangar

Application areas of RF / EMI Shielded Faraday Cage

• Tempest Testing,
• Medical applications – EEG and MRI rooms,
• Military Testing,
• EMC Testing,
• Microwave radio testing,
• Quiet rooms for phone and other communication device interrogation,

Ege Test Center will be with you with its expert team for today’s faraday cage and Test room dimensions
will be structured according to the solutions you want by the teams of the Ege Test Center