P2000 shielded tents

Shielded Tents

The Shielded Tents are protected tents which are flexible and protected housing that uses the same principles as the Faraday cage. The P2000 is a medium-performance, light-weight shielded housing compared to a fixed-steel chamber designed to exclude ambient EMI (electromagnetic interference) and incorporate internal emissions.

The flexible housing has conductive fabric layers manufactured together to form a shield between -55dB and -60dB depending on the options. Easily deployable using pneumatic beam structure.

Applications areas

  • Portable entry level EMC test chambers
  • Tempest (secure speech)
  • Field Military applications
  • Shielding sensitive equipment for example marine distress units
  • Disconnection between receiver and unit,
  • Disconnecting mobile phones or other communication systems,


  • Typical protection performance from -55dB to -60dB.
  • Shielded Tent The P2000 is designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Great Britain.
  • At your request and solution, the testing facility will be designed and installed according to your exact requirements
  • Small pocket enclosures for sensitive equipment
  • Modular steel flooring of galvanised steel
  • Ventilation panels

Testups Turkey provide instructions and training during the time you purchase the product. Contact us and get your quote.