Sliding Doors for Faraday Cage

Sliding Doors for Faraday Cage

The Ege Test Center and Global EMC’s high-performance sliding doors are an essential part of any anechoic, Faraday cage or protected room. Each door has been carefully designed and manufactured by Ege Test Center and Global EMC to ensure maximum performance and availability.

All of the mechanism interfaces rest on roller bearings to slide the door along the chamber space. During the closing operation, the sliding door leaf fits into the frame and is pulled in with the door leaf.

A security feature is provided to the door by means of an external mechanism, so if the door is damaged, the outer latches can be opened and the door opened manually. The door comes with emergency support systems, so it is still possible to use the door in the event of a power failure.


  • Safe contact with RF amplifiers
  • Wheelchair access or ramp for heavy EUTs
  • Pneumatic opening system
  • Safety sensors to stop
  • Instrument panels to indicate on or off status.

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