Some of the main tests in EMC tests

Some of the main tests in EMC tests

  • Transmission emission
  • Electric field, radiated emission
  • Harmonic and flicker

Transmission by conduction or conductivity diffusion tests are carried out to determine the levels of electromagnetic pollution emitted by the transmission to the telecommunication or power grid to which an electrical or electronic device is connected. In this test, the voltage and current values ​​of the electrical or electronic equipment or system are measured. Voltage values ​​are measured by LISN (Line Impedance Stabilization Network) and current values ​​are measured by current probe.

The electrical appliance generates electromagnetic energy while an electronic device is operating, and a certain amount thereof is directed to the power cord of the device. In order to limit the amount of interference the device can return to, it is necessary to measure these emissions in laboratories. This value is usually between 150 kHz and 30 MHz. International standards generally apply this value. However, this frequency range may be higher or lower for certain standards. These measurements have been made to ensure that the power supply remains relatively clean and will not affect other devices in the vicinity.

Electromagnetic İnterference Emission Measurements

In summary, a device carries out electromagnetic radiation via conductivity through lines such as energy, data and telecommunications. With the tests performed, the level of this diffusion is determined and compared with the limits in certain standards.

Mainly electric field, radiation emission emission measurements (electromagnetic interference emission measurements) are as follows:

  • Measurement of electromagnetic wave radiation (radiated magnetic field emission)
  • Measurement of interference wave voltage
  • Power disturbance
  • Measurement of smooth non-continuous brittle interference waves
  • Measurement of low frequency network interference waves

Many electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests are carried out in authorized laboratories. Within the scope of EMC tests, our organization carries out the operation emission tests in accordance with the relevant legal regulations, standards and test methods published by domestic and foreign organizations.

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