5m Measurement Compatible Semi-Anechoic Room

5m Full Compliant Semi Anechoic Chamber

SAC-5m-C of Ege Test Center and Global EMC; a 5m EMC compliant test facility; It is the perfect solution for users who want to measure at 3m or 5m test distances. The room is designed for both emission and immunity testing. The self-standing steel structure and modular steel trench provide a fast and efficient construction process. High performance GF 102 ferrite tiles and pyramidal Hybrid Absorbers are used to achieve optimum performance. This offers a cost-effective solution since the room can be used for a variety of standards to offer a multifunctional solution to your testing requirements, and can also be used as a 3m measuring-distance chamber for larger EUTs in time.


  • The test facility can be configured to your exact requirements.
  • 3m and 5m measuring distance.
  • Ferrite tiles are laid on all walls, ceilings and partial floors.
  • Copper beryllium knife edge sealed shielded door.

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