Conducted Emission Testing

Conducted Emission testing, one of the EMC tests, is applied to many electrical products. In this test, it is checked whether the unwanted frequencies emitted from the cables of the products are below the limits.

Conducted Emission Testing

Conducted Emission testing is one of the EMC tests. With Conducted Emission test, electromagnetic unwanted signals emitted from the cables of the product to be tested or I/O ports are measured. Depending on the test standard to be applied, the unwanted signals in the 9kHz-30MHz range are usually measured to determine whether the test is below the specified limit in the test standard. The measured value in the Conducted Emission test is uV (micro volt) because of the conducted voltage measurement. In order to make the limits in frequency spectrum and test standards more clear, this unit is used with logarithmic expression (dBuV) and compared with the limits in the standard.

The devices and auxiliary items used in the Conducted Emission test are as follows:

EMI Receiver,

RF Cable,

Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN),

Isolation Transformer,

Appropriate Test Table,

Grounding Cables,

Computer and Test Software (for automatic Conducted Emission testing)

The scan is carried out using the EMI Receiver from the Conducted Emission test to measure peak and average values ​​of the signals. As a result of scanning in the EMI Receiver, the Peak and Average measurement results are compared to the limits specified in the test standard. For peak values, it is usually necessary to perform manual additional measurements after scanning, since Quasi-Peak (QP) limits are given. The EMC test expert who conducts the Conducted Emission test, completes the test after completing the QP measurements and evaluating whether the product has passed the test. Tests are carried out according to test standards starting with IEC, EN or other ones…

Conducted Emission test is one of the EMC tests which is closely related to many sectors from the lighting industry to the defense industry. Since many products have cables or I/O ports, the electromagnetic effects that may occur here may affect other products or systems. One of the EMC tests, Conducted Emission test, is used to prevent this interaction. We can also give examples of everyday life regarding the Conducted Emission test: the impact of a television operating in the same environment while the vacuum cleaner is operating. The vacuum cleaner and television use a common supply (mains) network as they are fed from the same network, so if the vacuum cleaner emits electromagnetic signals unwanted signals, we call it operation emission. If this spread is above the limits, the television may be adversely affected by these signals, resulting in loss of performance in the sound or image.

Electromagnetic Wave

During the Conducted Emission test, the products failing from the test are subjected to various modifications and R&D works. The most well-known modifications are the use of EMI filters, review of grounding and the use of EMI/EMC-compliant components. For example, a filter (R-L-C) design may be required in accordance with an electrical product with an emitting signal at 10MHz above the limit. After applying some changes, the product is subjected to same Conducted Emission test and the effect of the change is observed.

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Our services and products related to Conducted Emission testing are as follows:

Testing and laboratory services

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For Europe, Conducted Emission tests of radio equipments are performed according to ETSI standards. One of the milestones of EMC tests is the Conducted Emission testing. Ege Test Center provides pre-compliance, engineering and accredited Conducted Emission testing and certification services according to relevant standards.

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