3m Front Compatible Compact Test Chamber

3m Front Compatible Compact Test Chamber

Ege Test Center and Global EMC’s 3m Pre-Compatible Compact Test Chamber is a protected room covered with high-performance sealing material. This creates an accurate, stable and reproducible test environment for EMC and RF (wireless) measurements.

Ege Test Center and Global EMC designs, manufactures and builds various custom-made chambers depending on your needs. Our products have a standard design and performance criteria, but can be adjusted to meet your exact specification.

The benefits of owning your own on-site testing facility are that you have completely taken control of your testing program without logistical costs or shipping times. you may have the ability to retest quickly when you need to make changes.


  • Measurement from 30 MHz to 18 GHz
  • Immunity tests in accordance with EN / IEC61000-4-3.
  • 3M measuring distance.
  • Ability to configure the test facility to your exact requirements.
  • Ferrite tiles on all walls, ceilings and central floors.

    3m Front Compatible Compact Test Chamber

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HPD7000 Shielded Door

HPD7000 Shielded Doors

The Ege Test Center and Global EMC’s high-performance shielded doors are one of the most basic parts of any Faraday cage or screened room. The door is carefully designed and manufactured by Ege Test Center and Global EMC to ensure maximum performance and availability. Thanks to the unique design of the almost zero friction mechanism, the sealing level of all doors is at the highest level. Our high-performance door (HPD7000) has gained industry recognition. The standard door height of 1 Meter and 2 Meters width can vary depending on the purpose and the location to be installed.

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Protected Cabinets

Protected Cabinets

The display cabinets of the Ege Test Center and the Global EMC are a small Faraday cage or a countertop EMC chamber. The small faraday cage has the same protection rate as the larger Faraday cages. Optionally larger cabinets can be built with heavy duty wheels to make it portable and portable. They will be designed, manufactured and installed according to your exact requirements. They may be small enough for bench-top tests or large enough to change size.

Usage areas

  • Equipment protection
  • Research & Development
  • Production Testing Machines
  • Microwave testing rooms
  • Communication device (mobile phone) test


  • Anechoic primers
  • Protected entrance door
  • Ultra high shielding performance as standard.
  • 360 degree wheels for mobility

As Ege Test Center and GlobalEMC, we design your protected locker according to your request and we are also on your side of the installation, you can send an email to for detailed information .



CE Mark Usage Rights and Application Cost

CE standards, which represent the lowest level of production safety that can be accepted by the European Union, show that the product to be sold will have features that work in harmony with other products, systems and equipment in use.In accordance with the protocols established by the European Standardization Committee, the necessary tests and the preparation of the documents described in the legislation are organizations that provide assistance to manufacturers make applications for CE mark usage rights as businesses that have completed their international accreditation. The CE certificate fees requested by these authorities vary depending on which class the product is in which the manufacturer is applying for, and thus which inspections are requested for approval.

Producers who want to bring their products to the market in all member countries by taking advantage of free movement rights in the European Union receive CE certificate; means to prove that the product it produces is not harmful to human, environment and other living things. Although the producers are generally researched about the CE certificate prices that are requested by the authorized companies, our country is also involved in the adaptation process,Although the producers are generally researched about the CE certificate prices that are requested by the authorized companies, our country is also involved in the adaptation process, many private and public tenders today, CE marking standards in products even if the choice of compliance is not forgotten. and need to do research on indexing production to these standards. In the near future, the scope of products that need to bear CE marking is extended and all products may be required to meet these production safety and compliance standards. For those who want to export in EU countries, it is not optional to meet the CE marking standards.

CE certificate, which is not related to the legal entity of the company, may require additional application for each product depending on the characteristics and usage areas of the products produced. Planning such situations in advance Minimization of CE certificate prices and expenditures related to the overall cost of the application,the most economically advantageous decision for the company owners.Our firm offers attractive price options for consulting as well as CE certification to ensure that your applications are completed in a short time, without any hassle, and provide guidance on the necessary arrangements to ensure your product receives the right to use the CE marking. If you have questions about CE certificate fees, technical file preparation and application process, just contact us.