What are the EMC Test and Standards?

What is the EMC test?

Today’s world is constantly witnessing technological developments and developing technology brings with it a number of adjustment problems. Technology, which has become an indispensable part of our lives, from phone, computer, toaster, television, cnc machine, electric motors in our daily and business life.

All this is a necessary requirement for the minimum security level of the devices and systems around us, without being affected and affected by other systems and devices in the environmentTests (Electromagnetic Compatibility Test) for testing the systems and devices to meet the required electromagnetic compatibility conditions are called the EMC Test.

EMC test with samples

To give examples of the importance of the EMC test in daily life, television and different electronic devices plugged into the same power outlet, fluctuating on the television screen,mobile phones can affect vehicle ABS systems, leakage of printed circuits, noise on the computer when talking with mobile phone.

All these negativities will cause malfunction of the products and cause serious accidents.In this respect, Electromagnetic Compatibility is of great importance.

EMC test standards and machine tests

The electrical product or electronic product must be made in accordance with the CE Mark / Marking in order to market the machine.It must be in accordance with the mandatory standards established under the 2014/30 / EU Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulation. This compliance should be ensured by testing and reporting according to the relevant standards.

In our EMC Test Laboratory you can use EMC Test service according to the relevant standards.

EMC Standard:

Military Tests

· (MIL STD461E) Military devices; Electric/ Electronic and Electromagnetic devices
· CE101 (30Hz – 10kHz),
. CE102 (10kHz – 10MHz)
· CS114 (10KHz – 400MHz)
· CS115 (30ns Pulse Width),
. CS116 (10kHz – 100MHz Damped Sine)
· RE101 (30Hz – 10kHz),
. RE102 (10kHz – 18GHz)
· RS101 (30Hz – 100kHz),
. RS103 (80MHz – 18GHz, 20V/m)
· (MIL STD 220B) Electric Filters (Filter Performance Test)
· (IEEE STD 299) Screened Test Environments (Measurement of Electromagnetic Shielding Efficiency)


· (TS EN 61000 – 4 – 2) Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Assay
· (TS EN 61000 – 4 – 3) Glow Electromagnetic Field Immunity Assay (20MHz – 3GHz, 30V/m)
· (TS EN 61000 – 4 – 4 ) Electrical Fast Transient Regime/ Explosion Immunity Assay
· (TS EN 61000 – 4 – 5) Immediate Immunity Assay
· (TS EN 61000 – 4 – 6) Immune Assay Against Transmitted Degradation Induced by RF Fields
· (TS EN 61000 – 4 – 8) Network Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity Test
· (TS EN 61000 – 4 – 9) Pulse Shaped Magnetic Field Immunity Assay
· (TS EN 61000 – 4 – 11) Immunity Test for Voltage Pits, Short Interruptions and Voltage Changes
. (TS EN 61000 – 4 – 16) 0Hz – 150 kHz Common Mode Distorted in Frequency Range
· (TS EN 61000 – 3 – 2) Current Harmonics Broadcast
· (TS EN 61000 – 3 – 3) Voltage Fluctuations and Snapping Limit Values
· (TS EN 55011), (TS EN 55025), (TS EN 55022) Connection Distortion Voltage
· (TS 4008 EN 55014-1), (TS EN 55014 – 2) Home Appliances, Electrical Appliances and Similar Appliances
· (TS EN 61000 – 6 – 1), (TS EN 61000 – 6 – 3) Residential, Commercial and Light Industrial Environment Devices
· (TS EN 61000 – 6 – 2), (TS EN 61000 – 6 – 4) Industrial Media Devices
· (TS EN 60601 – 1 – 2) Electrical Medical Devices
· (TS EN 61326 – 1) Electrical Devices for Measurement, Control and Laboratory Use
· (TS EN 61204 – 3) Low Voltage Power Supplies
. (TS EN 301 489-1 ) Electromagnetic Compatibility and Radio Spectrum Topics – Electromagnetic Compatibility Immune and Propagation Experiments for Radio Device and Services
· (TS EN 12015), (TS EN 12016) Elevators, Control Equipments Used in Escalators
. TS EN 60974 – 10), Arc Welding Devices
· (TS EN 62040 – 1), (TS EN 62040 – 2) Uninterruptible Power Systems (KGS)
. (TS EN 62310-2) Static Transfer Systems– Part 2: Conditions for Electromagnetic Compatibility
· (TS EN 50293) Road Traffic Sign Systems
· (TS 7425 EN 60730-1) Automatic Control Layouts
· (TS EN 50130 – 4),Electromagnetic Compatibility – Immunity Assays for Fire, Burglar and General Purpose Alarm Systems
· (TS EN 50270) Devices that detect flammable and toxic gases
· (TS EN 61547) Devices Used for General Lighting
· (IEC 60533) Electrical and Electronic Installations in Ships
. (TS EN 50121-3-2) Railway Applications-Electromagnetic Compatibility Section 3-2: Train – Equipment
. (TS EN 60255-26) Electromagnetic Compatibility Rules for Measuring Relays and Protection Devices
· (OIML R 117 – 1) Dynamic Fluid Measurement Systems
· (ISO 7637 – 2, ISO 7637 – 3) Electrical, Electronic Devices Used in Automotive

EMI Certificate

What is EMI Test?

What is EMI Test?

EMI, electromagnetic interference tests, radio frequency wave operating devices, malicious transmissions, operating frequency and output power controls. If it is determined that the device does not cause any electromagnetic interference in the environment according to these criteria, the device will be successful in the EMI Test. However, if the device is causing any electromagnetic interference, CE certification cannot be given to the device under test as it may impair the operation of other devices.

What happens as a result of the incompatibility of EMI Test conditions?

The devices under the Radio Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive must meet the EMI Test requirements in order to obtain CE certification. All radio and telecommunication equipment, such as mobile phones, satellite receivers, fixed and direct telephones, ADSL modem and other data modems, base stations, radio and TV transmitters, must meet the EMI Test requirements. Telecommunication devices which do not have EMI Test conditions may disrupt other devices or disrupt their operation. Likewise, these devices can also be damaged by interference due to this electromagnetic interference. Therefore, a telecommunication device must meet the requirements of the EMI test to obtain a CE certificate.

EMI Test application and certification

EMI test is carried out by the engineers in the laboratory environment in consideration of different conditions. Whether the device causes electromagnetic interference is controlled by different variations within the scope of the Radio Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive. If the device does not cause any interference, it may be eligible for a CE certificate and a certificate of conformity cannot be issued if an interference is detected. EMI test is mandatory for the telecommunication products, as the device or products are required to have CE marking in order to circulate in the European Union free market.

Ege Test Center and EMI

After being tested in EMI test laboratories, being careful during the report and document phase is also very important for getting CE certificate. For this reason, being careful when choosing test laboratories, Ege Test Center supports you in EMI Tests with expert teams.

Detailed information and contact

You can contact us by e-mail for detailed information about the EMI Test or you can contact one of our experts by filling out the form at .

VBA 100-3000 Amplifier

What is VBA 100-3000?

VBA 100-3000 is designed in the Ege Test Center and Vectawave’s 10kHz-100MHz range and is built for EMC Tests, VBA 100-3000 Amplifier is designed for high-performance IT-check usage and amplifier more efficient solutions and special power combining techniques to minimize loss it uses.

VBA100-3000 Interface and Control

The VBA 100-3000 Amplifier can be controlled from the panel on the front panel or remotely controlled by aids such as Ethernet, USB and GPIB interface.

The purpose of the digital user interface is to switch the system management on and off, display the power level, display the power supply life, control computer and electrical application kits, and access and edit them via the control panel display and keyboard.

VBA100-3000 Technical specifications and performance



  • High-strength MOSFET silicone-based design
  • Manufactured for maximum compliance with Class A,

Further information about VBA100-3000 and purchase

For detailed information about VBA100-300 0.01 – 100MHz 3000W Amplifier device, please contact or fill out the form at

CE Certificate

CE Certificate for which products are received

CE certification is required for products to be sold in European Union countries.These products; Not apply to products such as cosmetics, food, textile, etc. required for electrical or electronic products.Products such as medical devices, electronic devices, electrical equipment used in industry. must be certified need to be CE certificates for sale in the EU.

required for electrical or electronic products and A technical file is prepared for the devices and products in this category and after the necessary tests are made, CE stamp is hit. There are product groups for which the CE certificate is valid:

  1. Low Voltage Devices
  2. Personel Protection Equipment
  3. Radio and telecommunications terminal equipment
  4. Electromagnetic compatibility
  5. Machinery
  6. Pressure vessels
  7. Simple pressure vessels
  8. Gas burner tools
  9. Hot water boils
  10. Noise from the outdoor equipment to the environment
  11. Energy efficiency in fluorescent lamps
  12. Active medical devices
  13. Medical devices
  14. In vitro medical diagnosis devices
  15. Toys
  16. Sightseeing boats
  17. Construction materials
  18. Explosives for civil use
  19. Non-automatic weighing instruments
  20. Equipment used in explosive environments
  21. Lifts
  22. Freezers
  23. On cable movement cars for transportation passenger

Within European Union , If a product with a CE certificate is in a high-risk group, it must be approved by third-party organizations. Before placing on the market, high-risk products or product groups Compliance assessment is required by the organizations published in the Official Journal of the EU. Products that have passed this test which must be carried out by notified bodies will be given CE Certificate and CE certificate is not given if the product is likely to create a risk. This criterion is only valid for products with a risk, products do not have to be tested by m notified body other.


EEG Shielded Rooms

EEG Shielded Rooms

The EEG-SR of Testups Turkey is a protected room designed specifically for use in medical environments to provide optimum performance at VLF / ELF frequencies. This helps protect the highly sensitive test equipment inside the room from interference.


  • EEG (Electroencephalogram)
  • EMG (Electromyogram)
  • ECG (Electrocardiogram)


  • Magnified interior space.
  • The test facility can be configured to your exact requirements.
  • Industry-protected door with copper beryllium edge seal.
  • Adjustable fiber optic lighting.
  • Sound insulation

For detailed information on the Testups Turkey’s EEG Protected Room, please fill out the form at

DEF STAN 59-411 Military Test Chamber

The testing facility of the Ege Test Center and Global EMC’s DEF STAN 59-411 has been specifically designed for the various and heavy service tests the army needs. Compared to MIL-STD-461, DEF STAN 59-411 uses GF 102 ferrite tile and high performance pyramidal Hybrid Absorbers specifically designed for increased performance. Due to the varying dimensions and requirements of the equipment under test, all DEF STAN 59-411 chambers will be designed and manufactured to your exact requirements.

DEF STAN 59 411

  • The test facility can be configured to your exact requirements.
  • The DEF STAN 59-411 has a measuring distance of 1m.
  • Penetration and static ventilation panels are standard.

For detailed information about DEF STAN 59-411 Military Test Chamber, please send an e-mail to .

MIL-STD-461 test chamber

MIL-STD 461 Test Chamber

The MIL-STD-461 test chamber at the Ege Test Center and Global EMC is specially designed for the various and heavy service tests the army needs. The room was constructed using a self-standing steel structure and a modular steel shield. Specially designed for MIL-STD-461, this room uses a cost-effective anechoic pyramidal absorber for use in this standard. This is a major factor in reducing the cost of installation of the room. It will be designed and produced according to the exact requirements. Military weapons, aircraft equipment and vehicles can be tested in the room.


  • The test facility can be configured to your exact requirements.
  • Penetration and static ventilation panels are standard.
  • MIL-STD-461 pyramidal absorbers for military field.

Please contact for further information .