FDA Certificate Conformity

What is FDA?

What is FDA?

Affiliated to the Ministry of Health of the United States of America; is a bureau responsible for dietary supplements, food, medicine, blood products, biological medical products, radiation emitting devices, medical devices, veterinary instruments and cosmetics. FDA long writing of the US Food and Drug Administration.Ege Test Center conducts tests in accordance with FDA Certificate by expert teams for detailed information can click on the page.

Which Companies Should Get FDA?

The FDA Certificate shall take all domestic and foreign companies that carry out the food production, food processing, packaging of food, and the consumption of food in the United States for the purpose of human or animal consumption.

Why is FDA required?

First of all, why the FDA is necessary: ​​In accordance with the laws of bioterrorism, all US and foreign food companies that manufacture, produce, pack, or store the animal and human food for consumption in the US must register with the FDA. Products imported from companies that do not perform FDA registration will be taken to the US at the transit port and will not be allowed to enter the US.

FDA and Ege Test Center

Ege Test Center provides expert teams FDA certification services.For service procurement, product application and more please click or you can mail