RS103 Test

RS103 Test

The RS103 test carried out by the Ege Test Center under MIL-STD 461 Standards is of great importance in the military field.

RS103 Test is a test performed at the frequency of 2 MHz – 40 GHz with the Sensitivity, Electric Field through Radiation, alternatively it can be performed by echo chamber method. The details of the mode setting method are provided with details about the calibration as standard. The method has some significant advantages, but there are limitations in determining where the sensitivity enters the EUT. For example, IEC 61000-4-21 is included in these standards.

For the products used in the military field, the product to be tested in the RS103 Test according to MIL-STD 461 Standard can be applied to the electric field up to 200V / m.During this test, the electrical immunity of the product is tested.

Ege Test Center MIL-STD 461 Standards RS103 Test conducted and submitted to you with reports, you can send mail to for detailed information .