Textile Machinery, C Type Standard according to the Machinery Safety Regulation TS EN ISO 11111-1 Textile Machinery – Safety Rules – Part 1: Based on the Standard of Standard Rules, Risk Analysis and Tests of this standard according to TS EN ISO 11111-X series are required. Type A (eg EN ISO 12100: 2010) alone is not sufficient for the product family entering the C type standard.

The TS EN ISO 11111-1 standard covers the hazards associated with certain machine equipment in EN ISO 11111-2 to EN ISO 11111-7 with the safety rules to be taken against common hazards frequently occurring in textile machinery.

TS EN 11111 Standard series is as follows;

TS EN ISO 11111-2 Textile machinery – Safety rules – Part 2: Spinning and spinning machines

TS EN ISO 11111-3 Textile machinery – Safety rules – Part 3: Non-woven surface machinery

TS EN ISO 11111-4 Textile machinery – Safety rules – Part 4: Machines for yarn processing, yarn and rope manufacturing

TS EN ISO 11111-5 Textile machinery – Safety rules – part 5: Weaving and knitting preparation machines

TS EN ISO 11111-6 Textile machinery – Safety rules – Part 6: Fabric fabrication machinery

TS EN ISO 11111-7 Textile machinery – Safety rules – Part 7: Painting and finishing machines

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