VBA 100-3000 Amplifier

What is VBA 100-3000?

VBA 100-3000 is designed in the Ege Test Center and Vectawave’s 10kHz-100MHz range and is built for EMC Tests, VBA 100-3000 Amplifier is designed for high-performance IT-check usage and amplifier more efficient solutions and special power combining techniques to minimize loss it uses.

VBA100-3000 Interface and Control

The VBA 100-3000 Amplifier can be controlled from the panel on the front panel or remotely controlled by aids such as Ethernet, USB and GPIB interface.

The purpose of the digital user interface is to switch the system management on and off, display the power level, display the power supply life, control computer and electrical application kits, and access and edit them via the control panel display and keyboard.

VBA100-3000 Technical specifications and performance



  • High-strength MOSFET silicone-based design
  • Manufactured for maximum compliance with Class A,

Further information about VBA100-3000 and purchase

For detailed information about VBA100-300 0.01 – 100MHz 3000W Amplifier device, please contact marketing@egetestcenter.com or fill out the form at https://www.egetestcenter.com/apply-online/