What is VBA3200-100?

The VBA3200-100 is a high power amplifier operating in the 700-3200 MHz range. Specifically designed for EMC Tests. Designed using GaAs technology, the VBA3200-100 gives you unreliable confidence in accuracy, efficiency and robustness. It is used in most EMC tests without any deterioration in the frequencies of the Amplifier.

VBA3200-100 Specifications

  • High quality GaAs Design
  • Class A production for maximum matching
  • General linear power requirements

VBA3200-100 Usage and Purchasing

There are 2 TWT (Traveling Wave Tube), you can check the power values ​​on the front side of the screen, you can send mail to marketing@egetestcenter.com for your detailed communication and purchasing processes or you can fill in the form at Apply Online and we can contact