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What is CE Certificate?

The CE Certificate is not a document but is actually a markup, Due to misinformation and orientation, CE Marking in our country has become a document that needs to be taken more.

What is CE Certificate?

A CE mark is a mark that shows the minimum level of safety that a product must have. That is not a quality indicator, it is a legal requirement.

Where does the CE certificate apply?

CE Certificate is valid in Europe and our country.It is a mandatory requirement for the product to be sold and circulated in domestic and European market. CE certificate, in other words, is the passport of the product.

How to get CE certificate?

1. Stage Research and Detection

  • First of all technical specifications of the product and Product identification is made by determining where it will be used.
  • The directives / directives entered by the product within the scope of CE are determined.
  • After determining the product directives / directives, specific standards within the scope of the directive are determined.
  • Determined if the approved organization is required.
  • Roadmap is examined under the directives or directives and the most appropriate road map is selected.(Each Directive includes Road Maps for the Manufacturer to Follow the CE Mark)

2. Stage Test ve Control Process

  • Testing, analysis and technical controls of the product according to the standards determined within the scope of the directives / directives and taking the necessary reports.
  • Receiving certificate and test report from approved organization in risky product groups;
  • Make Risk Analysis;
  • Preparation of the user manual according to norms;
  • Preparation of Technical Documentation / Technical File;
  • Publication of the Declaration of Conformity;

3. Stage Placing CE Marking and Storing Technical File

  • CE marking is placed on the product according to the relevant directive.
  • Store the Technical File of the Product for the period specified in the product directive and, where necessary, be archived to the competent authorities / market surveillance authorities.

4. Stage Product launch

  • At the end of the above processes, the product is entitled to carry CE marking and it is to have free movement in our country and EU market.

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