What is IP Protection Degree and Class?

What are IP Protection and Degrees?

Degree of IP Protection The degrees used to measure the resistance of mechanical or electrical devices to water, dust or external impacts. The main purpose of the code is to provide detailed information about the marketed product. Ege Test Center provides you with detailed information on these scopes and expert IPs . For information and support, you can send an email to marketing@egetestcenter.com or contact us by filling out the form at https://en.egetestcenter.com/applyonline/ .

Examples of IP Protection standards

The main standards of IP Protection are in many different scopes such as EN 60529 , EN 60335 , EN 60598 . To the EN 60529 Standard, the classification of the degree of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment not exceeding 72.5 kV .

IP The degree of protection is determined as in the example;

IP 5 8 = First Household – Solids Class

IP5 8 = Second Household – Liquid Grade

You can use the following table to determine the strength class for your product:


0There is no protection against contact and entry of objects.
ONE> 50 mm Protection against objectsSolid objects with diameters 50 mm or more cannot enter the device
2ND> 12.5 mm Protection against objects of sizeSolid objects with a diameter of 12.5 mm cannot enter the device
3>> 2.5 mm Protection against objectsSolid particles with diameters of 2.5 mm or more cannot enter the device
4> 1 mm Protection against objectsSolid particles with diameters of 1 mm or more cannot enter the device
5Product Dust ResistantDust particles cannot enter the device in a way that will interfere with normal operation of the device
6Product Protection against objects in Dustproof DimensionsFully protected against dust.

To determine the class of your product’s resistance to liquids:

ONEProtection against vertical water dropletsDrops of vertical water do not damage the deviceTest Time: 10 MinutesOil value, 1 mm / min
2NDProtection against vertical drops of water when the housing of the device is at an angle of 15 °Even when the body of the device is vertical with an angle of 15 ° in both directions, the water droplets that fall vertically do not damage the device.Test Time: 10 MinutesWater value, 3 mm / min
3Protection against spraying thin water dropletsFine water droplets with a vertical angle of 60 ° in both directions even if they come to the device does not damage the deviceTest Time: 5 MinutesWater Volume: 0.7 l / min
Pressure: 80,7100 kPa
4Protection against splashing waterWater splashes from any direction into the housing of the device do not damage the appliance.Test Time: 5 MinutesWater Volume: 10 l / min
Pressure: 80 lt100 kPa
5Protection against splash waterWater from any direction to the body of the device does not damage the deviceTest Time: At least 15 MinutesWater Volume: 12,5 lt / min
Pressure: 30 kPa at a distance of 3 m
6Protection against strong water jets (water jet)Strong splashes of water from any direction into the housing of the device do not damage the applianceTest Time: Min. 3 MinutesWater Volume: 100 l / min
Pressure: 100 kPa at a distance of 3 m
6KProtection against increased water jet pressureIt is resistant to high pressure powerful water jets. (12.5 mm hose)Test Time: Min. 3 MinutesWater Volume: 75 l / min
Pressure: 1000 kPa at a distance of 3 m
7Protection against the effects of temporary immersionIt is protected from pressure and resistant to harmful water ingress if immersed in water under defined conditions. (Immersion up to 1 m).Test Time: 30 MinutesAt least 1 meter from the bottom of the device and at least 15 cm from the device was measured
8Protection against the effects of continuous immersionThe device is resistant to continuous immersion in water under the conditions specified by the manufacturer.Test Period: Continuous in waterThe depth determined by the manufacturer is usually 3 meters.
9KProtection against high temperature water jetsIt is resistant to close range, high pressure and high temperature water jets.

In addition, there are some letters in the IP Protection classes for your product, which can be used as protection level to protect your product against access to dangerous parts, and some letters can be used to get additional information about your product’s protection. These letters are as follows;


TOBack of hand


FOil resistant
HHigh-voltage device
MDevice in water test
SDurable device still during the water test
WWeather conditions

Sometimes there are different classes used to determine the product resistance of the product. These mechanical effects are indicated by Jul.

ONE0.225 J150 g drops to 15 cm
2ND0,375 J250 g drops to 15 cm
30.5 J250 g drops to 20 cm
52 J500 g falling to 40 cm
76 J1.5 kg falls to 40 cm
920 J5.0 kg falls to 40 cm