What is SIL (Safety Integrity Level)?

What is SIL Certificate?

The SIL Certificate indicates that a system is secure with the SIF (Safety Instrumented Function). The aim is to detect and prevent any possible danger. For example, an overheating motor is detected by a thermal sensor. The SIL certificate specifies the reliability range of the SIF function. The reliability range is expressed by the Probability of Failure, PFT ability or doing Risk Reduction Factor safety (RRD).

What are the SIL Certificate levels?

SIL consists of 4 levels As the level of SIL increases, the rate of failure of the system decreases and the performance increases, but with the increase of SIL level, the maintenance, production and cost of the system is increasing. The level of the system is determined by the need for protection measures.

What can be done to get a SIL Certificate?

Ege Test Center carries out SIL certification process with its expert teams on the basis of the levels required by your product, together with the results and reports of these, and presents the details to you. For detailed communication and application, you can mail to marketing@egetestcenter.com or you can fill in the form at https://en.egetestcenter.com/applyonline/