Tempest Shielded Room

What is the Tempest Room?

What is the Tempest Room?

TTempest chamber is a high security protected room which prevents unwanted signals that try to infiltrate a lot like unwanted electromagnetic frequencies, radio and electrical signals, sounds and parasites.The room creates a working environment where communication is safe and electromagnetic signals outside the room are weakened. In this way, you maximize the sealing of all the devices in your room.

Who Should Have Tempest Room?

Defense industry companies, security firms, IT companies firms that have server devices should have Tempest room according to MSB, TSK and NATO standards for the institutions and organizations where high confidentiality projects and works are carried out and Tempest must receive inspection and Tempest room approval.

What are the Tempest Room Installation Stages?

Ege Test Center is at your side with the team of experts during the establishment of the Tempest chamber.According to your request, the purpose and height, width, information can be installed by taking the appropriate location.


For more information about Tempest Room,  please visit https://en.egetestcenter.com/tempest-shielded-room/ , you can get technical information about Tempest Room where we set up and design with GlobalEMC and for contact please fill form in this page https://en.egetestcenter.com/applyonline/