CE Certificate for product

Why CE Certificate is Necessary?

The CE Certificate is a sign that is essential for the products to be included in the European Union market. A product bearing the CE certificate; It provides a guarantee for human health and safety, energy saving, environmental protection, life and property safety. It is documented that a product carrying CE certificate does not harm human health and environment and can be used safely.

The CE Marking covers devices that can be used in different business areas such as machines, toys, low-voltage electrical appliances, simple pressure vessels, gas-burning appliances and equipment, building materials, radio telecommunication equipment. In order to be able to market and market these products in the EU market, CE Certificate must be carried. Devices that do not have CE marking cannot be sold in European Union countries.

CE Certificate Which Products Are Important?

For vehicles with electrical or electronic components, the fact that they carry the CE Certificate means that these products can be used safely. It will not only harm the health and safety of human beings, it will be documented with this sign that the product will not directly harm the other living things and the environment. In order for a device to receive CE marking, it is necessary to undergo a lot of tests in the laboratory.If the product fails in one or more of these tests, manufacturers must reconfigure the product. The CE Mark is not eligible to carry unless the product has passed all tests.

Important Of CE Certificate

CE Certificate is important for the marketing of devices with electronic products or electronics, which should be considered by consumers. Selling of products without the CE mark in the European Union and Turkey are prohibited. Conscious consumers tend to prefer not to use electrical devices that do not carry CE certificate in order to protect both human health and the environment.

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