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About Us

EGE TEST CENTER was established in Izmir / Turkey on 3 March 2016 with fully domestic capital.

With the Electrical Safety (LVD) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Test Laboratory infrastructure, we provide testing and documentation requirements of the companies that design new products or improve their products. We also meet R&D needs by testing at the design verification processes.


EGE TEST CENTER offers product testing, inspection and product conformity assessment services according to many European Union (EU) regulations. These regulations are mainly Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Low Voltage Directive (LVD), Machinery Safety, Medical Devices, ATEX and so on.

EGE TEST CENTER, with its Electrical Safety and EMC Test Laboratories and expert engineers, complete the CE certification / marking of the products in a fast and complete manner.

Products with CE certification / marking are specified by product directives (regulations). Such products must comply with relevant regulations or test standards in order to be marketed in the European Union (EU) or in Turkey. For many product groups, this may be provided by the manufacturer’s laboratory or its own facility if the technical infrastructure is appropriate. However, in cases where the product group is risky or the technical infrastructure of the manufacturer is inadequate, it should be ensured by the third-party and impartial organizations. EGE TEST CENTER ensures that the products comply with the technical regulations and have the CE mark which is obligatory for the supply to the market.


Our Electrical Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Test Laboratories are at your service, while assessing CE conformity of your product. We provide solutions and services for your bigger products with our on-site testing service.


Today’s world is constantly witnessing technological developments and developing technology brings a number of compliance problems with it. The technology has become indispensable part of our lives with phones to computers, from bread frying machines to televisions, CNC machines to electrical motors.

All of these devices and systems have to operate without affecting other devices and systems and without being affected by them. This is mandatory to provide minimum level of safety. Tests to ensure that the systems and devices meet the required Electromagnetic Compatibility conditions are called EMC Tests (Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests).



E-mail: marketing@egetestcenter.com

Address: Adalet Mah. Manas Bulvari Folkart Towers A Kule No:47/B K:26 D:2601 35530 Bayrakli-Izmir/TURKEY

Testing Laboratory: Gulbahce Mah IYTE Kampusu No:1/13B, Gulbahce 35430 Urla-Izmir/TURKEY

Tel: +90 850 305 0565

Brazil (Agency):
Address: Av. Doutor Heitor Nascimento, 196 Bloco A sala 24 Centro Comercial Aliança Bairro Morumbi, Paulinia-São Paulo/BRAZIL
Tel: +55 19 3012 8170

Hungary (Agency):

Address: 1142, Budapest Ungvar Utca 64-66. Budapest/HUNGARY

Tel: +353 87 186 13 70

Ireland (Agency):

Address: 22 Northumberland Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. D04 ED73 Dublin/IRELAND

Tel: +353 87 186 13 70

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