Ege Test Center was founded on 03 March 2016. Ege Test Center, which has started its activities in Izmir Technology Development Zone (IZTEKGEB), Izmir-Turkey and has been providing test and certification services to companies designing or developing products that may need Electrical Safety (LVD) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

Ege Test Center, which provides the test, laboratory, consultancy and training services required for all product certification activities, especially CE marking, ensures that the products of the producers comply with the technical regulations. In this respect, our producers who want to export also inform about necessary technical operations.

The purpose of the product certification is the declaration of conformity of a product to national or international norms. This statement is more acceptable if the necessary tests are carried out by impartial bodies or companies. Ege Test Center conducts inspection and testing procedures on the approvals that must be obtained prior to circulation of a product on the market. This certification applies especially to LVD and EMC regulations when CE marking is applied and meets the legal requirement of the manufacturer by preparing test reports in accordance with the relevant standards.

Ege Test Center offers inspections and testing to manufacturers other than CE marking (for E-marking for products in the automotive sector or ECE R10 tests, CSA / UL marking for products exported to North America and meeting technical requirements in other countries).

Ege Test Center also supports R&D projects related to EMC testing. It is open to cooperation with all stakeholders, especially university students, academicians and industrialists, who can benefit from these projects.

Ege Test Center, by 2018, has started to provide EMC testing related instruments, chambers, antennas, active and passive equipments.

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