Ce Certification

How to get CE certificate?

Ege Test Center and CE Certificate

With the expert engineers trained in the defense industry and international test organizations, the CE certification works of your Ege Test Center products are completed quickly and quickly.

CE Certificate is taken following the following ways:

1. Stage Research and Detection

  • First of all, product specifications are determined by determining the technical characteristics and intended use of the product.
  • The directives entered by the product within the scope of CE are determined.
  • After determining the product directives specific standards within the scope of the directive are determined.
  • Determined if the notified body is required. Some risky product groups have a mandatory certification.
  • Roadmap is examined under the directive or directives and the most appropriate road map is selected.
  • Examining the requirements of the Quality Management System; Some directives provide for a quality system in the process of CE marking

2. Stage Test and Control process

  • Testing, analysis and technical controls of the product according to the standards determined within the scope of the directives / directives and taking the necessary reports.
  • Where necessary, obtaining certificates and test reports from the Notified Body establishment in risk product groups;
  • Doing Risk Analysis;
  • Preparation of appropriate user manual;
  • Technical Documentation / Preparation of Technical File;
  • Declaration of Conformity;

3. Stage Placing CE Marking and Storing Technical File

  • CE marking is placed on the product according to the relevant directive.
  • Store the Technical File of the Product for the period specified in the product directive and, where necessary, be archived to the competent authorities / market surveillance authorities.

4. Stage Product Launch

  • At the end of the above processes, the product is entitled to carry CE marking and it is free to have free movement in our country and EU market.

In the CE certification process, our company will prepare your CE Certificate declaration by serving you in the fields of consulting, testing, reporting and technical file preparation with the laboratory facilities of EGE TEST CENTER.

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