Machine CE Certificate / Marking call our laboratory the process can get information free of charge.

If the machines do not enter Annex IV according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC, there is no need to obtain a CE Certificate / Declaration from the Notified Body or any other organization.

For the declaration to be made by the company alone, the required test reports and risk analysis should be included in the technical dossier. The test report and the declaration to be made without examination are against the regulations, the firm has to show the product test reports according to the declaration made.

Direct selling companies should be avoided. The stand-alone statement has no meaning, the main technical file and test report. CE Certificate here is just a term used instead of a declaration, it refers to Marking.

The basic philosophy of CE marking The product has to comply with all the regulations it has entered due to its technical features and usage areas.

LVD Test (EN 60204-1) and Risk Analysis alone are not sufficient for machines. Certainly EMC is required in the test. The machines must also comply with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulation.

The product is tested and examined according to the A, B and C type standards according to the Machinery Safety Regulation. Product features should be examined in this respect.

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If the machines fall under the scope of Annex IV, a CE Certificate must be carried out under the supervision of the Notified Body for the Machinery Safety Regulation. Machines must be tested through the testing laboratories for the Low Voltage Directive and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulation.

CE Marking is a must for machines. CE Mark / Mark is not a quality indicator but a basic minimum safety level.