CE Certificate

CE Certificate Important for Who?

CE certificate, which is generally recognized as the European Union’s safety standards, which is important for those who produce or export to EU member states. in fact, it is important for all domestic producers, considering that our country is on the way to European Union membership.  The companies that make production in our country which is the party of internationally binding agreements have indexed the production process to these European Union norms,It will ensure that the resources to be allocated for compliance in the following process will be used more effectively in today’s conditions and the cost will be kept to a minimum. Furthermore, it is not possible for domestic producers who wish to open their production to the European Union market, before they meet the CE certification standards, to sell their products in EU member countries.

Standardization of the CE certificate, which specifies the conditions for production safety and compliance, Indicates the lowest permissible level of sale for the European Union. Failure to meet the requirements of this minimum shall result in the use of the product not being allowed to be sold as a result of risk. So, instead of hoping to get approval for the right to CE marking after starting production, From the first step, from the design of the new product, it is necessary to give the production conditions the qualities that will meet the requirements of these standards.

In this way, the production of the company is already requested to give the sale permit by the European Union, the minimum level will meet the application process is guaranteed to be a positive result. In other words, all domestic producers who want to start to export to the European Union in a short time in line with the expectations and not to have any surprise results, It would be the most wise decision for the management of the CE certification process to apply to the professional of Aegean Test Center. Our company has advanced infrastructure for LVD and EMC tests, As well as your CE applications with its accredited laboratories, it also provides consultancy and guidance services to meet the requested standards.