10M Compliant EMC Chamber

10m Metering Compliant EMC Test Chamber

The Ege Test Center and Global EMC’s semi-anechoic 10m Measuring Distance-compliant EMC test facility provides the perfect solution for users who want to measure from a test distance of 10m. The room is designed for both emission and immunity testing. The self-standing steel structure is an important factor in easy construction. Two options are available depending on the test requirements. SAC-10m-LP uses 2-mm-long GSD-CAH2000 Pyramid absorbers without ferrite tiles and uses either the SAC-10m-FH combination of high-performance GF 102 ferrite tiles and pyramidal hybrid absorbers to achieve optimum performance.


  • It can be measured up to 80 MHz – 6 GHz in accordance with IEC / EN 61000-4-3 (optional 18 GHz).
  • The test facility will be configured according to your demands and requirements.
  • The test facility offers a measuring distance of 10 meters.
  • It provides shielding activity according to EN 50147-1 EN.