Tempest Shielded Room

Tempest Shielded Room

The RF / EMI Tempest chamber, which we set up and designed with Global EMC, is a security room that can be produced and designed in any size or shape to suit your building. The room creates a working environment where communication is safe and electromagnetic signals outside the room are weakened. In this way, you maximize the sealing of all the devices in your room.

The shielded room is specifically designed for Tempest applications and the typical frequency range of the tempest chamber is 10 kHz to 18 GHz, but can be expanded between 1 kHz and 86 GHz if necessary.

The protection on the walls is a casing of all walls, ceilings and floor coverings. This protected housing provides excellent performance. They are seated with bolted flanges and foldable at the edges of each panel. To create a high-performance electromagnetic seal, a double-wire mesh gasket is placed between each flange and special filters are installed to meet the user’s requirements.

Scope of application

  • Nato Standard,
  • Government agencies,
  • Military Applications,
  • Hidden data centers / Server rooms,
  • Tests for telephone and other communication device inquiries.

The rooms to be established meet the TEMPEST , EN50147-1 and SDIP-27 NATO Standards.

As Ege Test Center , you can send an e-mail to for Tempest room installation and design with  Global EMC .